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Black Lives Matter.

Thank you to our community. We see you, we hear you and we stand with you. Over the past week we’ve taken a step back to pause, listen and reflect.

We’ve begun to have important and difficult conversations internally on how we can address Anti-Black racism. We are committed to doing better, doing more and we also recognize that words are not enough without the actions to support them.

As a first step toward what we hope can be a better future, we are donating $50,000 to ​Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Helpline, Black Health Alliance, Black Legal Action Centre and the Black Coalition for Aids Prevention. We will also be investing in educational programs for our employees, committing to more inclusive and diverse representation, and will be meeting on a regular basis to address the important issues facing our staff and communities.

We will not stop here.

We're committed to act and help, and hope you are too.


If you have the means to donate, below are some of the organizations that support Black Communities across Canada and North America:

Donate to Victim's Funds

Black Lives Matter Toronto
Black Lives Matter Vancouver 
Black Health Alliance 
Black Youth Helpline 
Black Women In Motion 
Black Legal Action Centre 
Black Coalition for Aids Prevention 
Across Boundaries 
DESTA Black Youth Network 
Black Space Winnipeg 

Black Lives Matter 
Campaign Zero 
Color of Change 
The Innocence Project 
National Bail Out 
Black Visions Collective 

If you do not have the means to donate, there are many other means of non-monetary Anti-racism support:

+ any and all other petitions in support of Justice for Black victims and the Black community

+ support films, documentaries and tv series produced, featuring and created by Black artists



About Race
Code Switch
The Diversity Gap
Intersectionality Matters!
Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast
Pod For The Cause
Pod Save the People Seeing White

+ support podcasts produced and featuring Black artists


Check in on your Black friends, family, loved ones and colleagues.

Educate yourself on what it means to be Anti-racist.

Have difficult conversations with non-Black, friends and family, and keep having them. Hold those close to you accountable. 

Share and repost resources to educate those around you.

Write to your elected officials. 

Amplify Black voices in your community that need to be heard.

Support Black owned businesses and artists.


Keep supporting after the outrage dies down.

Become a meaningful ally, and get involved.

For a full and comprehensive list of ways to help, please click here

We welcome you to reach out to us at if you'd like to see more organizations or resources added to this list.