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Feeling Minimalist

This clean, stripped-down aesthetic values functionality and simplicity. Not sure where to begin? Let us guide you! Achieve the sleek girl look with our simple Essentials that will help you slay your day-to-day! First, try our Contour line – complete with Bodysuits, Tees and Tanks that are oozing in minimalist vibes. Next, your time-capsule wardrobe awaits, and it commands simple staples such as Long Sleeve Button-Ups or Ribbed Tanks– items that are never going out of style. Don’t forget about the Bottoms! It’s giving minimalist magic with our tailored Pants + Trousers that go perfectly with a striped Sweater and Blazer. This year’s style MO is quiet luxury, so why not try out a Sweater Cardigan or Everyday Dress to live out the fantasy? The everyday look doesn’t stop there - try our Seamless Active sets for a sleek look that will actually make you want to burn those calories! Finally, no outfit is complete without footwear, so slide into a pair of sleek Boots for the full head-to-toe look! The Clean Girl is simple, functional, and never boring. With so many essentials to choose from, you have endless styling opportunities.